Reforest Bush Tucker Pack

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Five local food plants that were abundant before the sheep arrived. These traditional bush tucker plants have stories attached to them that are as old as the soil you stand on. Restore your landscape by planting, growing, and cultivating indigenous plants that have ancient food habits attached to them.

For a more extensive range of native plants grown onsite at Barragunda Estate by Reforest Nursery visit

1 x Bulbine bulbosa – Bulbine lily
(Native leek)
1 x Murnong – Microseris scapigera
(Small yam)
1 x Mentha australis – Native River Mint
(Similar to peppermint)
1 x Warrigal Greens – Tetragonia tetragonioides
(Leafy green)
1 x Rounded Noonflower (local pigface) – Disphyma crassifolium subsp. Clavellatum
(Succulent leaves, sweet/salty fruit)