Barragunda Dining is driven by a desire to bring to lifeĀ our philosophies around food and agriculture.

At the heart of the issues within our food system, exists a disconnection between eaters and growers, where the appearance of the food is valued more than the nutritional content, the way it is grown and the person who grew it for you. We are seeking to address this issue by having a restaurant within an operating farm. In fact, the greenhouse style building will be attached to the farm shed. Customers will have an immersive experience of seeing exactly where and how the food on the plate has been grown and reared.

The head chef for the project is Simone Watts, a Mornington Peninsula local and true advocate of ethically and sustainably grown food in her cooking. The food style will be degustation with the option to pair with local wines, celebrating the best the peninsula has to offer.

Our plans for Barragunda Dining are currently with council and we are awaiting permits to start building. Our hope is to open the restaurant in the spring of 2021.