It’s not the cow it’s the how!

Cattle have long been seen as the enemy to the environment through methane production from their digestion process; however this is an over simplification. When managed well, cows are extremely effective at nutrient cycling, restoring landscapes by adding carbon back, and therefore increasing healthy bacteria and fungi in the soils which in turn drives a healthy ecosystem. Cattle become an issue when land is cleared for grazing, we overgraze the land, or when cows are placed in confined spaces like feedlots creating huge waste, run-off and methane emissions.

Barragunda currently supports a herd between 250 to 400 animals.

In line with our regenerative agriculture approach, we are moving towards a managed rotational grazing system.


Barragunda’s orchard has a diverse range of heritage pome fruits (nashi, pears, apples), stone fruits (cherries, plums, apricots, peaches, nectarines), nuts (almond, pistachios), citrus (lemon, grapefruit), figs and quinces. We have also recently planted avocados and olive trees to the orchard which will be a few years off production


Our market garden and hot houses produce a diverse range of seasonal, fresh and tasty vegetables. In line with our farming philosophy, we adopt a regenerative agricultural approach that uses a range of related practices, including: no-till practices to minimize soil disturbance, building soil health and the soil food web, keeping soils covered with compost or cover crops, managing soil carbon levels that relate to climate change. 


Barragunda offers a temporary (and sometimes permanent) home to racehorses and ex=racehorses. These beautiful creatures enjoy some time out from training; spending their time eating, playing and enjoying the beautiful landscape and views!